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Vision, Mission & Objectives


“Empowerment through education” is the key to Personal, Social and National development. Our vision is "To be premier Institute providing students with value added higher education in a dynamic environment where today's students meet tomorrow's opportunities".
  • To strive for excellence in academic and nonacademic fields in order to match global standards.
  • To prepare outstanding educators, scholars and researchers and to advance education through research in Science and art of teaching and learning.
  • To work towards advancement of the knowledge base through research by undertaking research in basic, applied and interdisciplinary Sciences.
  • To empower students through education to make them strong, self-reliant, responsible and secular human beings, professionals and citizens, so that they chart out their own path of success and possess perfection in their endeavors.
  • To foster Regional, National and Global competencies among the students.
  • To ensure that every student of Institute becomes an achiever.
  • To impart post graduate training in important disciplines of basic and fundamental sciences and to undertake research in various subjects.
  • To provide State of Art infrastructure to the students and the faculty.
  • To promote the use of technology.
  • To impart basic human values of truth and hard work.
  • To promote excellence in students through- Participation in seminars, workshops, conferences, debates etc. at National and International levels.
  • Exposure to eminent and distinguished persons in different fields through talks.
  • Visit to industries, asylums, organization of camps, excursions etc.
  • Financial and other assistance to deserving and meritorious students.

Vision and mission of the Institute is communicated to the students, teachers, staff and other stakeholders by prominently displaying it in the premises of the Institute, by printing in the prospectus and by uploading on the institutional website.