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Department of Microbiology
Dr. (Mrs.) Varsha Vaidya Associate Professor (Retd)

Completed the Minor Research Project “Sustainable and economic production of biopolymer polyhydroxybutyrate by bacterial isolates using water hyacinth” funded by UGC. Project Report

(1) Isolation, Identification And Characterization Of Polyhydroxybutyrate Producing Bacillus flexus

(2) Identication and Characterization of Polyhydroxybutyrate producing Paenibacillus sp.

Chemistry Department
Dr. Y. S. Malghe

1.Fabrication and development of in situ characterization of soil elements determination system, Agency:- RGSTC, Mumbai, Duration (2018-2021), Amount Rs.86,10,400/-
2.Synthesis of nanosized perovskites and investigation of their electrical and magnetic properties, Funding Agency:- UGC, New Delhi , Duration (2013-17), Amount Rs.9,15,800/- Completed
3.Microwave assisted synthesis of  Iron oxide - Iron magnetic  nanoparticles, Funding Agency:- University of Mumbai, Duration:- 2012-13 (Completed).
4.Synthesis,  Characterization   and  Investigation of Photocatalytic activities of Nanosized  Zn and Cu Oxides, Funding Agency:- University of Mumbai, Duration:- 2009-2010 (Completed) 
5.Preparation and investigation of catalytic activity of  nano sized oxide materials, Funding Agency:- University of Mumbai, Duration:- 2007-2008 (Completed) 
6.Design, Fabrication and Commissioning of Controlled Atmosphere Thermogravimetric System for Physico-chemical Investigations and its use for the Preparation of Heterogeneous Oxide Catalyst and  Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Materials, Funding Agency:- University of Mumbai, Duration:-2002-2003 (completed)

   Dr. (Mrs.) R. P. Sonawane
Completed Minor Research Project “Synthesis and Extractive Spectrophotometric determination of some metal chelates of bidentate Schiff base derived from Benzoimidazole” funded by University of Mumbai 2017.

Department of Mathematics
Dr. Selby Jose

Received a project grant of Rs.6,60,000/- (Six Lakhs and Sixty Thousand only) for the Project titled "The Study of Unimodular Rows using Suslin Matrices" under the scheme Mathematical Research Impact Centric Support (MATRICS) of Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), DST, Government of India, for a period of three years from the academic year 2018 -19.