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Institute Awards and Academic Prizes

Students are offered various scholarships and fellowships as per merit and requirements. Needy students also avail of “Earn while you learn” scheme to support their studies. The students from SC / ST, OBC and economically weaker sections are supported financially by the provision of freeships and scholarships received from the Government and other agencies. Various scholarships include:

  • Amruta Rao Memorial Scholarships: M. Sc. (I and II) Biochemistry.
  • Uma Kela Prize: Lady Student standing first in M.Sc. (II) Biochemistry.
  • Mangal Krishna Deshmukh Mane Prize: M. Sc. (I and II) Biotechnology and M.Sc. (I and II) Biochemistry.
  • Prof. Sohonie Prize: M.Sc. (I and II) Botany.
  • J. V. Sulibhavi Prize: M. Sc. (Research) Physical Chemistry.
  • Prof. K. M. Joshi Memorial Prize: M. Sc. Physical Chemistry.
  • Dr. N. B. Laxmeshwar Prize: M. Sc. (I and II) Physical Chemistry.
  • Nadkarni Memorial Prize: Ph. D. student of merit who has passed M.Sc. (by Papers) from the Institute of Science.
  • Prof. B. C. Haldar Memorial Prizes: M.Sc. (I and II) Inorganic Chemistry, M.Sc. (I and II) Analytical Chemistry, M.Sc. (II) Environmental Science
  • Nadkarni Prize: M. Sc. Inorganic Chemistry.
  • Prof. V. S. Darshane Prize: M.Sc. (II) Solid State Chemistry, M.Sc. (I) Environmental Science.
  • Prof. B.C. Haldar Memorial Research Grant: M.Sc. By Research / Ph. D. Inorganic Chemistry.
  • H. V. Hirve Memorial Prize: M. Sc. (by Research) Organic Chemistry.
  • Prof. K. V. Katti Prize: M.Sc. (II) Inorganic Chemistry.
  • R. N. Usgaonkar Memorial Prize: Analytical Chemistry.
  • Dr. J. R. Merchant Memorial Postgraduate Prize: Organic Chemistry.
  • AMI Institute of Science Mumbai Unit Prize: M. Sc. (II) Microbiology.
  • Motiram Sampat Patil memorial Prize: M.Sc. (I) Physics.
  • Jaibai Motiram Patil Memorial Prize: M. Sc. (II) (for a lady student securing highest marks) Physics.
  • M.V. Bhagwat Prize: M. Sc. Physics
  • Sekar Srinivasan Prize: M. Sc. (I and II) Mathematics.
  • Smt. Tarabai Karandikar Prize: M. Sc. Zoology.
  • Dr. S. A. Suryawanshi Prize: M.Sc. (I) Zoology.
  • Smt. Vijaya S. Suryawanshi Postgraduate Prize: M.Sc. (II) (For an Institute lady student securing highest number of marks at the M.Sc. (II) University examination from all subjects).