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The Department of Chemistry is the largest department in the Institute. It consists of four sections viz. Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. The Department has lions share in all- round academic and research activities of the Institute.

The first Principal of the Institute Dr. C. J. J. Fox was a Professor of chemistry. Since then, the Institute has been very fortunate to have in its years a number of brilliant teachers and researchers in chemistry viz. Dr. A. N. Meldrum, Dr. T. S. Wheeler, Dr. J. R. Merchant, Prof. B. C. Haldar, Prof. K. M. Tulashi, prof. Dashane, Prof. Shinde, Prof. M. M. Salunkhe and so on..

Branch of analytical chemistry was introduced in 1974..

The Department today boasts of 160 students (by papers) and about more than 35 students who are engaged in research for their masters and doctoral degrees. The performance of the students at the university examination has always been outstanding every year and research students are contributing well to the wealth of scientific knowledge by their discoveries in various fields..

The area, in which research work is being pursued in the department includes photochromism, quantum chemical calculation nanomaterials, coordination chemistry, solvent extraction and Heterocyclic chemistry..

The research findings are regularly published in national and international journals of repute and presented at various conferences in India and abroad. .

The department has research projects which were funded by national agencies..

The department has acquired modern facilities such as HPLC, UV-Visible and FT-IR spectrometer, cyclic voltametry, XRD and TGA..

Over the years, the chemistry department has hosted a number of conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops and lectures by eminent scientists and various frontier themes.