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Philosophical Association

The Philosophical Association of the Institute organizes various cultural events, lectures on various current issues, Annual day Celebration with the help of Students’ Council for the Institute students. The main aim of the Philosophical Association is to build up confidence in the students, ensure an all round development and encourage qualities like organizational ability, leadership, public speaking, team spirit, sportsmanship, crisis management etc. Activities conducted by the Philosophical Association provide a platform for nurturing the innate talent of the students through various intercollegiate activities including elocution, essay writing, quiz competitions, dance, music, rangoli, painting etc. to hone the latent skills of the students. Financial aid is provided to the students for participation in extracurricular activities like sponsoring the entry fees for various intercollegiate competitions, research activities etc.A Cultural Festival is held in December every year. An interesting feature of the festival is the selection of Mr. and Miss Institute based on personality contest.

Intercollegiate Fests
Students are motivated to organize intercollegiate bioscience events like Ozone Fest (Department of Environmental Science), Bionics (Department of Biotechnology).These activities are instrumental in bringing out the leadership, management as well as organizational skills in the students.